Video Production & Marketing

You will receive a professionally recorded video which will be shot on location your place of business using professional lighting, equipment, a digital camera.

Prior to the shoot you will receive a one hour consultation to discuss the format or script of the video. Ideally, most clients utilize the time to convey a company message to customers at their business location.

Our services are most frequently utilized for:

-B2B Commercial


-Television Commercials

-Online Video Marketing

-Instructional DVD’s

The finished product will feature your company logo. You will receive a copy of the raw footage as well as the production edited copy.If you are interested in filming a viral marketing breakthrough video, our creative team will conceptualize an idea designed to break through the cluster.

1 Minute Video

  • Shoot Length – 1 Hour
  • Consultation – 1 Hour
  • DVD’s Included – 1

2 Minute Video

  • Shoot Length – 2 Hours
  • Consultation – 2 Hours
  • DVD’s Included – 1

Viral Video Marketing

The term Viral Marketing refers to marketing a message so it spreads the same way a virus would.


Our NYC video marketing team will optimize your videos for search engines and distribute them to over 30 high traffic websites including You Tube, Meta Cafe and Vimeo.

Pay Per View

If you are interested in obtaining immediate visibility, we can market your video through paid placements amongst our channel partners.


We will match your video demographic with the same demographic from a high traffic website like Web MD, Fox News or

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