Why need SEO?

Our Search engine optimization programs utilize multiple strategies to increase your website’s rankings. Search engine rankings are dependent on three major factors.

  1. On-Page (website content and meta tags)
  2. Off-Page (link popularity)

Flag Day Consulting specializes in customizing an approach for your specific business to reach the most potential customers with the least out of pocket cost. This is how we can help you achieve your best R.O.I (Return on Investment). If you are interested in services not listed in our search engine optimization packages, we will gladly customize a campaign to suit your business’s unique needs.


Local Search Engine Optimization

We offer a Local Business Marketing package which will give you visibility in local searches and list your business among over 40 local business websites. We will also claim/create your Google local business listing (Google Places) and optimize it for you. This vital to any new or existing business which services customers in specific geographies. These websites also provide data for various print and GPS services.


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